NutriMedicCa - BonBone Natural AS MUCH IRON AS
5 SPINACH CUPS (150 g)

NutriMedicCa - BonBone Natural AS MUCH POTASSIUM AS

NutriMedicCa - BonBone Natural AS MUCH DIETARY FIBER AS
2 CUPS OF OATMEAL (2x175g)

NutriMedicCa - BonBone NaturalAS MUCH VITAMIN K AS

Born out of scientific research, dedication and deep esteem towards the natural prunes power.

Built on our desire to inspire people to make healthy food choice in everyday life.


Functional food instead of supplements

Bone health safeguard nutrients

Gastrointestinal health maintainers

Cardiovascular and blood quality builders


Safe food rich in nutrients with health benefits

Gluten free

Lactose free



Made of only 2 ingredients:

NutriMedicCa - BonBone Natural


Prunes or dry plums are real nutritional fireworks loaded with antioxidants, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals. Well known for their laxative effect, prunes are recently described as bone health safeguard. And there is much more … Learn more

NutriMedicCa - BonBone Natural


Cocoa, also known as cacao, is a unique superfood. Rich in potassium, essential heart-healthy fats, iron and flavonoids, cocoa has numerous therapeutic benefits and could be considered one of nature’s finest medicines. Learn more

NutriMedicCa - BonBone Natural

We all need to have strong and functioning core and skeleton.
Solid supporting structure.
Make a healthy food choice today!
Embrace the power of nature!
Embrace the power of prunes!
Take Bon-Bone!